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The Two-fold Campaign Purpose

With Grow Holy Cross, we will:

  1. Prepare financially for the support of a permanent pastor and that ministry of growth, estimated at about $140,000.

  2. Address major repairs needed in our aging building, estimated at more than $140,000.


How Will We Achieve These Goals?

We are confident that diligent prayer, faithfulness to God and joyful giving will accomplish the goals before us.  Every dollar given in spiritual response to the call of Grow Holy Cross will be divided equally between the two purposes.


What Is Our Potential?

Our potential is the potential of faith as stated by Christ: “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed … nothing will be impossible for you.”  The two purposes stated above indicate a need of about $280,000. Potential is what comes from the faith and willing hearts of those who love the Lord and look toward a vibrant future filled with sharing God’s love all around us.  It’s about  Calculating for our Future: Living in Faith.

What’s the Timeline for the Campaign?

After all have spent time in diligent prayer and discernment as to how God would use each of us for the sake of Good Shepherd, the campaign will ask participants in November to personally Live in Faith to Calculate Our Future by making a 3-year commitment to Holy Cross in joyful response. Once our collective commitments are tallied and our goals reached, we will initiate the renewal of our building and form a call committee for a permanent pastor.  First gifts for the campaign will begin/be due on December 1.



Click on the link "Calculating for our Future" for an explanation of the reasons for the Grow Holy Cross Campaign.  


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GROW HOLY CROSS is a spiritual campaign designed to propel us forward through prayer, faithfulness and joyful giving.  It is a call to help us build on present strengths and future possibilities. It is a call to make a real difference – both for ourselves and for those who will follow after us – by renewing our buildings and laying the foundation to call our new pastor.

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